Digital Marketing Trends 2019

Trend # 1: The mobile platform will dominate the market

Smart devices are the leading force behind the ways in which the world of marketing is changing. We are now entering the era of smart devices, where marketing will depend on more personalized customer relationships. Those who can navigate faster than their competitors will take a leading position in this rapidly developing category.

Receiving content is no longer limited to a TV screen or a desktop PC. The content is around us, it is woven into our daily lives. And the further development of technologies will allow a person to receive information in such a way that their hands and eyes will be free.

Think about the ways in which we interact with devices and new technologies, such as Siri or Alexa.

You just have to say something and you will immediately get an answer from Siri. Alexa (Amazon’s voice service) gives you access to content that guides you through any process, step by step. Literally any process you can possibly think of. Let’s say that you don’t really know what breed of dog is best suited for you, ask Alexa. Or maybe your friend just had a stroke and you need to help him – once again, ask Alexa.

Trend # 2: Personalized marketing as the norm

Personalized marketing focuses primarily on the relationship between a brand and a consumer, according to which content acts as a currency to build trust.

Most users are now resorting to the services of various blocking programs to reduce the amount of advertising they see when viewing sites. They place high demands on brands and branded content. And this trend will continue to grow. Such customers will not be satisfied with a simple storytelling. The ways of storytelling to which we got used to are no longer viable. Instead, storymaking took its place, in which customers themselves become part of a story.

Trend # 3: Less is More

This is one of the main marketing trends of 2018-2019. As content marketing grows, online publications adjust their models to reflect these changes. Even over the past few years or so, more and more publications have shifted from covering a wide range of topics to publications in highly focused niches with highly concentrated content.

Yes, this is a challenge, and you have to put some elbow grease into it, but this is the future of marketing. Oriented, niche publications, as a rule, attract precisely those customers who are REALLY interested in buying something, therefore, if your publication is focused on a small but dedicated group of people, you are more likely to succeed with a more qualified audience that is REALLY interested in what you are offering.

Marketing ceases to be generic, caste, demographic, or racial. Customers expect that, first of all, they will be offered something relevant, a message will be meaningful and sent to them through in a way that works for them. For example, check out what Viscovery is all about. This program allows brands to promote their ads based on the content viewed by consumers

Unfortunately, the audience coverage in social networks is not high and continues to decline. You will have to develop new consumer participation strategies and coverage formats. It’s all about having niches, you should not try to provide your customers with as many types of content and services as you can. It is better to develop a community with a very specific and dedicated audience than to choose a wide appeal with a mediocre level of customer reception.

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