Main Post-Breakup Mistakes that Will Turn Your Life into Nightmare

Each person has experienced parting and the emotions associated with it: sadness, longing for a loved one, pain from a break-up, and sadness due to unfulfilled hopes. This bouquet of negative emotions is familiar to everyone. Whatever the case, breaking relationships with a beloved is always a serious test. But you can make it even more unbearable by doing various foolish things. And so, you should know about the mistakes you should avoid so that parting with your loved one does not make your life unbearable.

Continuing to spend time together

It is one of the most apparent mistakes, however, your subconsciousness may disguise it as an excuse of spending time with friends. And so, you find yourself having dinner with your mutual friends or just together with your ex-partner, going to the cinema, meeting at a bar, and arranging home gatherings. This only increases your emotional attachment to your ex. In addition, you force yourself to go through real hell, while trying to accept the fact that your relationship no longer exists and, at the same time, shining with happiness as soon as you hug your ex goodbye.

Thinking that you are true soul mates

Continuing to consider that you are the one and only person who can understand your ex, you only fuel the illusion of possible happiness in your relationship. And all the heart-to-heart talks with your ex in the middle of the night are just dragging you into the whirlpool of the past. Do not forget that, despite all the closeness with this person, you still chose to break up the relationship.

Pursuing the former partner

It’s about literal persecution when you find out the location of the ex-partner by all possible means and as if by chance, bump into them in the store. This could be a warning sign of love addiction.

The same can be said for your ceaseless attempts to track your ex on social media. How do they live? What are they doing? What are they writing about? On some level, you hope that the former partner is still suffering, but in reality, they are likely to have turned their thoughts away from the break-up or even started a new romantic relationship. So, it’s better to stop following your ex's life if you do not want to suffer.

Registering on all dating services

To start a new relationship, you need to deal with the previous one. If you rush headlong into the search of a new partner, then you most likely:

  • will start comparing all potential partners with the previous one and so, miss your ex even more;
  • will get into the wrong relationship with the wrong person;
  • won't learn anything from past experiences and make the same mistakes.

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Saying bad things about the ex

Every time you think of a former partner, albeit not with the kindest words, they seem to materialize in the now. And the more you talk about your ex (both bad and good things), the more eagerly you invite them back into your life. Love and hate are two sides of the same coin. You should develop indifference towards your ex if you want to deal them out of your private life.

Wallowing in grief

It is really difficult to endure pain right after the break-up with a person you loved. If added to everything else, you torment yourself with the thought that the main love story of your life has ended and you will never build a similar relationship again, you will feel a thousand times harder. Moreover, it is very problematic to meet someone new when having such a mindset.

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