SEO for Dating Sites

It is hard to promote a dating site. There are various “directory” lists with many dating sites for all the niches and groups of people, but they are very ineffective in attracting traffic to a website. Therefore, let’s look into some other ways in which you can promote your dating website.

For owners of big information and entertainment resources, the issue of attracting traffic is not that relevant. They have something that you cannot just acquire like that, they have something that you should fight for, and that is name recognition. Name recognition is the ultimate way of attracting traffic, there are no ways about it, but a dating service that is relatively new has no name recognition. In order to get recognized you have to stay on the market for a long time, to prove to all of the potential customers that you are not just a one-day act that will cease to exist sooner rather than later.

Where to get traffic from?

Of course, you can buy traffic, but for a new dating site, this will most likely lead to the fact that expenses will exceed revenues, and not everyone is ready for this. The solution is, and it is a very simple one, to receive traffic from various ratings.

At first glance, everything is very simple and clear: get registered, insert a link and you are ready, but links are not necessary. It is necessary to understand the mechanism of the ratings and the behavior of people that visit those sites.

How do rating systems work?

When a site gets registered on a ranking service, you are given a link (it is often unique, but not always). A visitor’s transition to this link is counted as an incoming click for the site. As you can probably guess at this point, the more visitors come from a ranking site, the higher your site is in the ranking. It should be noted that the algorithms of rating systems are protected from cheating, and the administration of good ratings constantly monitors and punishes webmasters involved in cheating.

Visitor behavior

It is much more difficult to describe the behavior of visitors on ratings; there is no clear algorithm. But it can be assumed (and this has been proven by the pattern of distribution of clicks in the ranking services) that the average visitor goes through several first sites, and then selectively scans others, and sometimes moves to the next rating pages. In most cases, a visitor clicks on several sites in one visit, and this is VERY important!

How to promote?

In order to get traffic from a ranking site, two obvious things are required:

  • be as high as possible on a ranking site.
  • make a user see your link and click on it.

The specificity of dating sites is such that your registered users will not run away from you, they are bound to your service. For example, most users already have your site bookmarked in their browser, besides that, they will always get your email letters with all sorts of notifications and updates. Thus, you have to get as many users registered on your site as possible, because all of the ways in which you can interact with them and notify them of all the new services and features that you offer are very important to your site’s success.

It should be noted that, as we’ve said, only the first few services get 80% of all the clicks from rating sites, even if you’ve managed to get on the first page of a ranking site – it doesn’t mean that you are going to get a lot of traffic from it.

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