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Our mission at the Taos Institute for Glass Arts is to expand the understanding and appreciation for the Contemporary Glass Art Movement through classes & workshops, lectures, demonstrations, special events and exhibitions. TIGA serves and integrates the needs of artists, students, collectors, architects and designers. TIGA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


TIGA was born from a unique opportunity coupled with the vision of local glass artists. At the end of 2007, it became apparent equipment brought to Taos by Dale Chihuly for his educational program at the Taos Pueblo was about to be forever lost. In January, 2008, five local Taos artists joined together to purchase that equipment in an attempt to preserve the future of art glass in this area. After the equipment was purchased and secured, discussion ensued as to how it might best serve the community. Thus, the concept of an educational non-profit was born.

Three of the original five artists saw the vision through and began TIGA: Taos Institute for Glass Arts, incorporating and forming the entity as a NM non-profit organization with a federal 501(c)3 designation.

TIGA would like to honor our artist founders: Michael Miro, Carol Savid, and Delinda VanneBrightyn. TIGA would also like to acknowledge the contributions of Robin Stanaway and Margo Real-Nimon for their early contributions to TIGA. Organizations are born through vision, strength, courage, dedication, love of community, and often self-sacrifice. We thank these pioneers for their dedication to the cause of studio art glass that has set the foundation for TIGA to perpetuate forward.


One way TIGA serves the community is through its offering of on-demand glass art experiences. Whether traveling to Taos or a local resident, anyone can schedule a simple and fun instructive session on the use of glass and can return home with a beautiful glass object that they have made under the direction and skill of a TIGA instructor/artisan. The experience enriches the individual's understanding of art made in glass and gives them a forever object to enjoy and by which to remember their experience. Visit our educational pages to learn more.

TIGA also develops educational programs for private and public schools. Glass is a perfect medium through which to incorporate a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathmatics) learning program, as working in glass incoporates all four STEM aspects. We term our programs A-STEM because through helping students design and implement their own Art project, we also incorporate and teach STEM components. The medium of glass requires knowledge in the scientific properties of glass, the technologies developed that have birthed the studio art glass movement, the mathmetical formulas needed to work glass, and the engineering required for equipment, execution, and display of the media. The program additionally initiates team-building and community service awareness for the student. Depending on the project, cultural and social issues are also aexplored. The TIGA program gives students an in-depth and memorable learning experience on many levels while leaving their school with a substantial art project.

Further fueling its mission, TIGA supports and presents the biannual Taos Art Glass Invitational and Walking On Glass Tour. This international event was the brainchild of Delinda VanneBrightyn and was fist produced by her and local artists in 2007. In 2008, it came under the TIGA umbrella and was produced biannually in 2008, 2010, and 2012. The fifth event will be presented in October, 2014.

In 2012, TIGA received a grant from NM Arts in order to persue the research and development of the NM Art Glass Trails Map. TIGA is currently seeking further funding to fully complete that inititative. The Glass Trails map will feature ....


Educational Offerings


As time goes forward, TIGA will continue to create awareness that gives a stronghold to glass in our region. We strive to ensure the contiuance of our current programs and to explore the new ways we can benefit our art community. We continually seek partners, suporters, and new directors to infuse new energy and resources, to build working partnerships within our community and to further education within our art medium of glass.

We hope you will find this website an enlightening adventure into the world of art glass and a resource for what is happenng in glass in New Mexico. It is our pleasure to serve you.


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